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Re: ISU Says No Post Dicamba

iowa must have some guts to make a statement like that, Monsanto has a fairly large legal department.


was looking over herbicide data today.......for milo/corn, hands down in this area lumax/Lexar is the winner hands down


but beans......looks like valor or valor xl is good overall.....don't like the limited modes of action.

a bit weak on grass....maybe something cheap like prowl or even the "yellow stuff".

problem is we also have some "other stuff"......such as our old friend the cocklebur....and devilsclaw.

would sure be nice to have something to put on pre and be done......


maybe the seed companys have come to hit us in the #$%!, due to a lot of companys putting the roundup and liberty stuff aside

and going with the new "banvel" beans.

which I think can be classified as one of the biggest mistakes in the ag industry for some time. wonder the weeds can't be killed.....chem man was telling me that this past year some people were running over

their fields 5 times with the sprayer......


maybe I need to email a couple friends of mine and suggest fusing some soybean cells with that with palmer cells.....we

could have something there......we could spray about anything on them, and be resistant to everything......and will grow 

everywhere, drought, rain, between sidewalks, in trees.......and as prolific as they are.......just imagine the yields !!!!  (although

the seed might be a bit small !!)