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If you neighbor goes organic

What would your reaction be if your nice, new neighbor stopped by to tell you that he was going to take his new land orgtanic and that he stopped by to let you know so you could be sure to avoid any overspray or other issues.

If you and your other neighbors had been using GMO crops for decades without any problem, how would you like it if you were now held hostage to an organic label?

Could your new neighbor be cautioned that he might be charged with trespass by attempting to impose unrealistic restrictions on your actions?


This discussion suggests that it's not always easy to see who is in the right on a case such as this.


 Organic production farms, scattered throughout conventional farms, can create particular problems with spray drift. An overspray not only affects that one crop, but can prevent that field from being used for organic production for 3 years. Issues of trespass and liability can be complex, and create risk for both the organic and conventional producer. Theoretically, courts could rule that interference could have gone either way."