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Moldboard Plowing

I've got a question almost certain to get some good response.  I am in my second season of 100% no-till and am quickly learning what many in my area where trying to explain to me before I reached my decision.  Nutrient placement of P is the most challenging.  Our local soils are naturally high in K so that is normally not an issue.  In fact, if you even want to add K to your fertilizer application, you need to place a special order because most local suppliers don't even stock it.


If we apply P in a band 6"-10" deep to be absorbed by the plant during growth, after harvest that plant residue breaks down and the P is redistributed back on the surface.  This is why our top 2" of soil are so high in P.  Would we be doing more damage to our soil structure if we were to do some moldboard plowing say every 5th year?  Maybe the 5 years wouldn't work, how about placing the plowing into a certain spot in the rotation?  Any thoughts?

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