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Re: New Fungicides Better

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precisely....... the treatment has to be effective enough to pay its way ....but they must need to prove that all treatments are effective.... 

And if they are what difference does it make if they cost more than they benefit..... 

University tests that do not include economic qualifiers are near worthless.


Short side is Universities are asked to test detailed absolute effectiveness and they do.  But for the farm business considering the use of the product it is an economic question plain and simple...... 


We should know better ....... and shouldn't need to have it explained to us..... We should be able to ask the right questions.

If your salary depended on the profitability of this crop would you use it.?.... Will it return at least $40 per acre to management?  It appeared from the test that over 80% of the treatments applied did not.

I don't think the test needs dumbed down...... it needs to wise up ----GLS has been around long before any treatment existed.  And no treatment yet has stopped it.  We are chearing about very limited effectiveness.

If it were an insect would we consider these results good??


If we lower the bar enough a warm breeze at the right time has effectiveness against GLS.  According to the test there is a doubt that GLS has a consistant measureable effect on yield. I am just saying it means very little untilyou bring in economic yield cost analysis..... and unfortunately ag econ gets ignored in research used to promote sales.