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Re: Palmer

Why does all this ornery stuff come out of the south?  They better not drag their Kudzu up here and they can keep their Zika mosquitos  Smiley Happy 


Here`s a Jerry Clower story about "porcupine eggs"  Smiley Happy


Beware of porcupine egg salesmen

Jerry Clower once told the story about Newgene Ledbetter — the meanest of the fabled Ledbetter clan — and his trip to the 4-H Round-up in Chicago.

He said Newgene came home with a bunch of $1 bills. His daddy grabbed a brush to spank his son and said, “Newgene, you’ve done robbed a bank.”

“I ain’t done no such, Papa,” Newgene said. “I just took advantage of some ignorant people.”


“Well, how did you get all that money?” his father asked.

“Well, I took a bag of cockleburs with me up to Chicago, and I sold them at $1 apiece as a porcupine egg.”



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