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Re: Spray tip (nozzle) question for the sprayer guys

CG - The Guardian is a NICE looking machine !  I have 4 set's of the Twin jet's - Oh yes - they do a great job in coverage ! Yet , I just use them for post work with insecticides and fungicides . Remember that you are splitting the volume between 2 jets - rather than just one with the AI's . 


This spring - we had a little screw up - just for few rounds - lol  I run two sets of AI's for burn down and post - depends on wind and what I'm doing - I have a set of reds and browns loaded , along with a set of twin jets - they are also red - The hired guy came over as I was going from brown to red and asked which ones I was going to - I told J to the reds - NOT thinking about the twins  were also red too - I have the right side + the middle sections already done - He started on the outside of the left side - As I started to do the perimeter - I said damit Ken - the wind must have picked up - as the left side was REALLY drifting - I looked at the pressure gauge - everything - I have never seen it drifting like this with my AI's - So I stopped and checked them out - I missed it at first - Then I got to the the twins - Well I'll be dang ! J did not know the difference - He has never worked with the sprayer - other than tender it - NO set up - he did as I said - put the red ones in .


As I said - check and most will recommond the twins for insecticides and fung. - because of coverage !  They would not work for me as a burn down thought .


I have run the AI's for many , many years - you just have to match speed and pressure to come up with the noozle you need to use and droplet size - I feel that coverage is great with the AI's - one problem is you may not be running enought pressure in your post work - Or that the droplet size is just to big to get the results that you are wanting , I know it costs a lot of money to to load up a new set , mine takes 73 - yet it's money well spent to get the job done that you want -


If you do try them for your post work - I would add some no drift in the load - that stuff really helps - but then again - that adds to the cost .