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Re: Spray tip (nozzle) question for the sprayer guys

totally agree with ken....


We have more wind to fight than he does ---- assuming somewhat.


The twin turbos drift too much for us but great for insecticide where you like a little drift..... 


AND...... Ken is right on on pressure.... It is the opposite of what we are told in the old "drift lectures" (keep the pressure down)


If the wind is up I will back off the pressure to finish something assuming my effectiveness will suffer a little.  But with air-induction nozzles(I use greenleaf), run more pressure,  I run a lot of 5 gpa loads and some 6 gpa---- I try to manitain 75 lbs on the booms if i can even though the opperation range may be 45-90.  Staying a little higher will give you more consistant droplet size and pattern.  if the day heats up and time is running out I will slow a little to bring it down to 50-60 lb pressure to finish up the session...(increasing the droplet size slightly for drift control.


A I's are a lifesaver for us because we have enough wind that you have to spray in it some.  We are always playing with the limits.  sw ks