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The Projected Potential for record yields this fall of 2012

                                (  With adequate moisture in July and August )

it looks Like many farms across the corn belt could be set up for record or ( near ) record Yields.


In my opinion.


After reviewing reports and Pictures from growers in several states and personally scouting fields the past Two weeks.


We think there is great Potential for this falls harvest.    For Many growers.  In specific geographical areas.  In many states


Facts that will determine the opportunity for record or near record Yields.


1.   Planting date. 


2.   Compaction issues.  Or lack of compaction.  Is a HUGE factor this year.


3.  Tile and or natural drainage. Soil types.   With 3 to 4 weeks of no rainfall, there are some outstanding visual references as to why. Regardless of a dry or wet season. Time frame during the growing season. That adequate soil percolation is so critical.

To maximum efficient crop production.


4.   Fertility.    On a year such as this with stressful conditions. Adequate and well managed Fertility is certainly showing 

an advantage of overcoming some stress issues.


5. Well managed soil Health and soil Nitrogen  is quite obvious to the casual observer at this stage of the growing season

in many areas and on many farms across the corn belt.


From my observations and in my opinion.