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Re: Tiling Stalled This Winter and Spring

Just driving around in the fall, you would think everything is already pattern tiled  Smiley Happy   In NCIA we had the double whammy of poor prices and yields that there didn`t seem to be the big push to tile as in the past.  I noticed what I thought was a slow down a year ago last fall when drainage contractor I do business with called out of the blue and wondered if I was still interested in doing the project we talked about 2 years ago.  Well, when a tiler calls you that he`s ready to go, you say "yes" whether you have the money or not, which I didn`t Smiley Happy  but, one thing I learned about bankers, they love to lend for tiling.  


Maybe southern Iowa farmers have the extra money burning to do drainage, but up here most of us have that on the back burner...dang I miss bein` rich! I think those lucky enough to be thinking about tiling, do the math on having it done in the summer, not that much crop is affected.