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Re: USDA - Smoking and drinking - GDU Discussion?

I finally got do travel around a little farther than I normally do today hauling some cattle for a friend, and I am amazed at how much small/young corn there is.  One of the local BTOs has several fields of corn that is only 4 inches tall or so today (June 24)  and there is a lot of it that is going to be late.  Personally, I planted corn within 3-4 days of normal, and I usually have half of it ridged for furrow irrigation by now, and I haven't even started yet, maybe middle of next week.  Normally by July 4, the pipes are carried out, and we are hoping for a rain so I don't have to irrigate over the holiday.  This year, I don't know if I'll be done ridging.  I am pretty sure we won't be needing any more rain before then.