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USDA - Smoking and drinking - GDU Discussion?

I figured that would get all of your attention !! 


I know we are nearing the 100% emerged and all of that, but I thought I would do a little research on SW Minnesota, near Pipestone, MN that we farm.


Very wet spring here, and we were trading in our mid-90 day maturity corn for upper 80's t0 92-day.


Here are the troubling facts.  While the corn is green and growing (although not so much with mid-50's temp this morning) take a peak at the Historical GDUs to-date, 01/01 to yesterday:


Year            Amount



2006               806

2007               905

2008               539

2009               580

2010               800

2011               601



Ave                  707


While on the surface 2011 doesn't look bad compared to 2008, but we finished planting corn on 06/03 ...... yep June, so tell me while the conditions may be green (good to excellent rating), exactly what is the USDA doing with the yields and maturity data ?




PS, you can get the GDUs on, then on the left side after you choose your zip or city click history:


PSS what color is the Kool-Aid ?