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I have always enjoyed spraying - really since 1976 - when I started working for Soil Service in Morristown - You always seen something that stuck out - somewhere - some place - That was a long time ago - Now in the Hag with A/C and a very good stero - Plus the added height - you can seen pretty well - Its been pretty busy here the last 10 days or so - between mine and some nice custom jobs - I have been around - then there was yesterday - Had 400 acres of tall corn to spray and was in the next to last field to go - so heres a picture of the spray -




Camera was in focus  - its the windows that are the problem - was laying down some folair feed - with twin jets at 45 psi -


Then as I was pulling out I found this - sitting in the drive way




Its a 1930 modle T - When I just had to check it out - you know -  The owner asked if I was in a hurry - I replied - I have 100 acres left then done - it was around 4 so I have plenty of time -  When I got done checking it out - I looked around and he had raised up the his shop door and waved to come on in - then I seen this !




This is a 1915 Modle T tractor that his Grandpa had brought new in 1915 - it came as a kit from Ford - and Ford is stamped in the front wheel - btw - he jumped up on it and it started right off !   Then there was this




Yeap - Thats a wheat drill - first used behind a horse - then was pulled by the Modle T tractor - He didn't know what year it is .


Then there was today - More custom work with beans IMG_1868.JPG


A 140 - just about a mile long - Pretty field of beans !  THEN - as I had just finish my paper work and was ready to pull out , this went by at - my guess - 30 40 mph - I had to lmao on this one -




Yes  - those are street tires on it - Well better get - need to kick back and have a cold one and relax - We quit early because of rain fast time - still have 2 more days of custom on the books - so may have some more  pictures - lol

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