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Re: View From the Hagie

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Well it was a SLOW week for the old girl - Sprayed only 1 load out - the farmers pulled the plug after that load - just too hot to apply - Only have 2 loads left to go = 220 or so .


But I did recieve a copy of a video that our county educator put together on the last N app on the plot , This was the first round and we both had problems on this pass finding our flags that we had out there - Yes - we were hard on the end rows there - for sure - lol  But my bar is a end row killer to start with in tall corn ! One other thing - my intell officer had to ride that round outside - I had a rider with my for that round - then were back on track and pulled in the right spot every time - here's the clip Then yesterday - we had had some visitors pull in - they were on a fund raiser for the local FFA group - total of 15 - 1 Co-op - One Oliver 1650 - 1 AC - a lot of A's , B's and 60 's - my favorite was the R - with the pony motor = very cool to hear start - something about a motor turning 10 - 12 grand , then start throwing handles






This ones from my neighbors place = NICE trees to sit under and shoot the breeze - lol 


BTW -- It was --------- HOT



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