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Re: What If EPA Restricts Dicamba?


That above article describes some current testing -- amazing how they're reporting damage from just a small tray of treated soil placed in a hoop structure in bean field, not to mention the effects potentially caused by physically spraying.


In another article, from same source, Delta Farm Press, "Bob Scott: New weed control technologies could help with dicamba troubles" -- 


"One of the things we've observed here is we made an application of both XtendiMax and Engenia on 3.5-acre blocks.  A 3-mile-per-hour-wind was blowing out of the west for the first six hours after application -- lo and behold, there was a drift plume that went west.  It actually traveled farther than the 110-foot bufffer currently mandated."


"What was really unexpected, says Scott, was when, from 24 to 36 hours following application the wind shifted from the south.  A drift plume to the north then showed up.  If you think about that, the only way that plume to the north could have happened is if there was volatility after the application 24 hours, or more, after spraying."


"Yeah, we could grow 100 percent dicamba-tolerant crops.  But that won't address the off-target problems we're seeing in trees, in homeowner's gardens, landscaping, those types of situations."



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