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Re: What If EPA Restricts Dicamba?

What needs to happen is spray in the vegetative stage beans only, in June.   No more of this bragging on twitter about smoking 3 foot tall waterhemp, control it <1 foot.  Then determine what your gallons you are going to spray, and the speed you are going to travel ...then buy you nozzles to coordinate with say (12 gallon of water and 10mph) and do not deviate from that!  If wind picks up >15mph when you`re 3 rounds from finishing...stop! and come back when the wind dies down.  And be aware of temperature inversions.  


A big problem was improper nozzles, you can`t just decide to change your speed and increase pressure.  And boom height is important.  Some used flat fan nozzles and smoked the neighborhood.  But, I think us northerners will need dicamba, at some point Palmer will move in, not to mention waterhemp and marestail and giant rag are getting tougher.

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