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Re: Wheat topdressing early indicator

Excellent story John. Including these last two winter storms, I have received right at 5" moisture since drilling winter wheat last September. In most years that would be adequate, but being in the heart of the drought, it is only enough to keep us going until spring. I was fortunate enough to get my topdressing completed about 4 days before the first snow flake flew. Some call it dumb luck, I call it precise planning. My agronomist gave me topdressing recommendations about 1 week before the storms hit and I acted quickly. Meteorologists were talking about the first winter blast about a week before it hit, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone. My wheat wasn't completely out of dormancy, so I applied a multitude of products tank mixed. Some immediate release and some that should aid the crop later in the spring months. I also tried a foliar absorbed product on a few acres to see if it will be of any additional benefit. With these snows and a few timely spring showers, I believe we can salvage a few acres of winter wheat. Not a bumper crop by any stretch of the imagination, but possibly some decent yields.