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Re: Why We Missed A '88 Style Yield Bust

Hello Jim In northeast Iowa we had a good subsoil reserve going into the fall of 1987 was wet to start. I remember getting the combine stuck and getting the neighbor with his 8640 4 wheel drive. What I seen in 1988 here was the corn did fine until mid august when. We had like 6 days in a row of 105 degree + heat. Matter of fact we had 12 inches of rain here during the 88 growing season and only 8 inches this year but the corn yielded 80-100 bpa better this year. I remember after the 3rd day of 105 degree heat the ears dropping. The extension service had a local meeting on the drought and told us if the plant was still green it would continue to fill. That didn't happen here. This year I did dig between two rows of corn 18 inches wide 6 foot deep and 8 feet long. Those roots shot straight down into the clay. I was surprised with that open ditch it didn't set back the corn next to it but I stayed green from July 5 till maturity.