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Re: Why We Missed A '88 Style Yield Bust

20 yrs ago, a great corn harvest here in northern va was 100 bu plus. Current year, I averaged 164 across the farms. Beans were relatively new to this area in 88 and no one believed they could be profitable here, so no old data to share from that time period. This year was an avg of 79 bushel for myself and hear reports of between 50 and 70 bu from neighbors. And yes, we did have a good growing season this time. The last two years have been extremely dry with 50 bu corn and 35 beans. Not sure why, but elevators still report a +40-45 basis in the area even though they are full. Yet beans are -40 and still just as full. A lot of crop still standing on adjacent farms as they just don't have the logistics and storage to keep it away from the combines.