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Why aren't my soybeans growing?

Planted 6/8, promptly received 9 inches rain over next 3 weeks.  I am amazed that the stand is as good as it is.  The few high spots in the field are growing gangbusters, but that is probably less than 2 % of the 80 acres.  There was about 8 acresthat drowned out completely.  I finally got into the field again 7/15 to do the replant on those.  This field is all gumbo.  The balance of the beans that remained probably aren't more than 6 inches tall.  I am thinking the saturated soil limited root growth and that is why they are so slow.  fertility is good, and i just limed this field over the winter.  all the ingredients are there...they were no-tilled into cornstalks.  are these things ever going to get with the program? if it 94y01.  TIA