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Re: Wind Speed For Sprayer Records

Yes that is my understanding from my flight training.  It is an attempt to disregard "ground effect" or the change in wind speed caused by terrain variations.  

It is an instructors lecture in the high wind southwest.  You can loose a good % of headwind on the last 50 feet of descent.


Thanks for the comments Jim,  It is my first thought when I saw the wording.  Most recorded wind speed out here comes from airport reports.  well said


Another factor that comes into play for us is evaporation rates due to our low humidity -- We live with a level of forgiveness.  Some of the worst drift issues I have seen came at very low wind speeds and low humidity warmup.  Worst personal experience was at 6am without any wind followed by a sw wind at 20 mph at 8:30 am .... low humidity and a 25 degree warm up.


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