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Re: ever seen 100 bushel beans?

Hank, I had an excellent growing season. Lots of sunlight and and good rains too. Beans were blooming by summer solstice. I'm pretty sure Loveland is the mfg'er of these products but I'll check the totes. All products came through CPS (crop production services). Reinforce K is a 6-0-16 with some sulfur in it too. Vendor preaches that one gal equals 33 lb of potash but the math doesn't work out right. I've been using this product for 5 years. They used to call it Trisert. The humus is a humic acid that's black and nasty, will plug your sprayer screens if not diluted enough. But have had good results with it on wheat as well.
Anderson's have a product called liquid carbon that is much cleaner with similar results.
Reinforce K was 12.62 a gallon in 275 totes last year. The humus and catalyst were given to me by my CPS rep to do this test, so I do not know price of them.