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first crop

I 'm in the process of buying  a 90 acre parcel in SW Mich.  Its been in pasture for 30 years and I'm going to drill soybeans this spring.  The ground is slightly rolling,no tile, and clay loam.  I prefer no till, but have the tillage tools, except plow, to smooth out about 100 pot holes where there were some small scrub trees.  Should I spray as soon as Temp. hits 50 degrees?  Should I use a residual with glypho?  How much glypho.  The pasture has been maintained with brush hog on regular basis.  I plan on using my JD750 drill and go with 15" spacing.  I doubt if I can drill until about June 1.  Been farming about 15 years and don"t know all the answers.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.