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Accepted Solution

in retrospect, herbicide resistant GMOs should have been by prescription

I know that everyone will squeal like a shoat stuck in the fence at the notion that we need to regulated but the rapid rise of weed resistance stands as an argument for that.


Resistance came on faster than most scientists had predicted and I don't think it is any surprise why- few people are going to tell you  but I saw and heard enough over the years to know that some percentage of farmers were not conscientious about following recommendations to rotate chemistry, use tankmixes etc.


If RR had been "by presciption only" it would still be available to clean up problem fields and rotation of chemistry would have been enforced by default.  Companies wouldn't have made as much money but they would have done OK as they would have priced the genetics accordingly.


Now all we're doing is chasing a new tail- running through the selection of existing chemistry to keep ahead of emerging resistance.


It was way too much of a good thing.