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marketeye- yields


Have you been hearing any more yields? I've been farming since the 80's. I've been thru droughts and floods and there has never been a year that I haven't produced more than the USDA's estimate but it looks like this may be the year. Harvested three fields with three different numbers/varieties and each one was @ 20 bu. Less than anticipated. The range in the fields was 110 to 215 bu. dry, 15% to 20% with an average of 162 and 18%. 5 year farm av. is 180 bu.  Talked to several here in southern Indiana having the same results. Crop looked good all year. Too much rain early(grew like Heck) driest August in History ( shut down and died). Kernels aren't much bigger than popcorn. I haven't checked test weight but I'm sure it's not there. Thanks for all you do! Have a good week. 

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