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Re: neonicotinoid pesticides causing colony collapse disorder?

Read that article, but not the comments, article pretty much garbage.  Couple of quick clues to the clueless.  First, the GMO thing, doesn't matter if GMO or non-GMO, the insecticides are on the outside of the seed, both are usually treated.  Second, bees most likely wouldn't be foraging in the field at planting time, maybe something neighboring the field or otherwise reasonably nearby the hives.  If those bees actually died as described, instantly and as a large group at that particular time, something else likely killed them, they were killed on purpose for some illegitimate reason (perhaps for that article), or the health of the bees was neglected.  Still, there remain potentially legitimate concerns about certain insecticides.  Mostly just a scare-mongering article obviously meant to be anti-GMO and anti-pesticides -- those already on the bandwagon won't need to be convinced -- the rest of us won't be convinced by that article.