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wet springs

Should you go ahead and plant under less than optimal conditions or wait?  There are a limitless number of  personal variables involved including your ground, scale, capacity, the forecast, the calendar.


Probably the worst "mistake" I ever made was waiting for good planting conditions in a year where we never had a good day to plant corn.


Nevertheless, I hate planting in wet conditions where I know, particularly on our ground, that if you do you've already significantly capped your potential for the year- particularly on corn.


On the other hand I don't worry a great deal about the calendar per se- I once grew a wonderful crop that was 100% planted in the first ten days of June.


But again, you never know if you'll get a shot at it if you pass on a marginal opportunity. Like I said, the toughest call I know of.


Best guiding principle I've been ale to come up with is that if it is marginally OK you pick your spots but don't go at it like you're killing snakes. Generally a good principle when you're dealing with something that is unknowable is to try not to be 100% wrong.

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