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Re: 2010 Yield Results

More yields to report, thanks to Steve Johnson, Iowa State University Extension. Yields are from the following states: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.


Gibson City, IL   -  6 weeks of dry weather July-Aug  produced some
early yields of 150-160, but now into side dressed corn on corn with N3
with 200 plus yields.

20 miles SW of Indy in another dry area - 55 bu/ acre seed beans vs.
expectations of 35-40 yield because of small seed

Mt Pulaski, IL   NW of Decatur, IL   whole farm  198 bu yield  after
disappointing yields early, but better on latter varieties.   2010
however 10-15 bu less than 2009

Yield reports to a Midwest regional commodity office yesterday!

Today's yield reports: (again, I stress, I am sending 100% of reports I cherry picking) A LOT OF REPORTS TODAY!

80 acres, 16.5%, 140 yield vs. 240 last year.  30 acres beans, 40 yield
vs. 65 last year.  SDS big problem.  33 inches of rain JJQ.

Far western iowa only a 7 zcre bean field-78.5 bu vs previous record of

20 miles west of Cedar Rapids 60bu vs 55 last year
Independence Iowa beans 62 bu-Don't know last year, but mid 50's would
be a good crop usually

Corn-20 miles West of Cedar Rapids 230 vs 215 last year-side dressed,
sprayed with fungicide

Cottage Grove, WI Corn -- one field, 243 bu/acre dry, 25% MST, 56# TW

105 day Pioneer in LaPorte City, IA area yielding 210bu, 58# test 20%

YIELD beans 50 mi w of des moines 100 acres 68 vs 61 last year

Wabash County - Urbana, IN corn190 Dry...producer happy with the yield.
This would be above his 5 year average, but didn't get a comparison to
last year.  Very happy w/ quality after the mold and toxin issues he had
last year.

Hubbard, IA  80 acres, 230 bu corn dry, better than last year, 57# test.

Story Co -Corn yield N of Ames - 80 acres went 173, about the same as
ly. 104 day corn, corn on bean ground. Guy thought he had best ever crop
back in July. Beans running disappointing in low 40 bpa range.

Greene Co IA - 1st field went right at 200. 20% mst. Best ever.  Corn
after beans. Field 10 yr avg 165 bpa. 105 day corn, sprayed with
Beans running at 40-50, down 3 to 10 vs 2009.

Mankato, MN  - - from a smattering of light soybean harvests done
yesterday - yields ranged from 44-57 bu/acre

Vincennes, Indiana   Irrigated corn running 200+  which is average.
Dryland corn running 180 which is above average.  Dryland soybeans
running 55-60 which is well above average.  Irrigated bean yield reports
running as high as 80-86 bu.  Corn and beans were planted early and in
great conditions. Great July rains helped offset light rains and heat in

Henry Co Ohio, se of Toledo - 500,000 bu handled so far 170-175 average,
10-15 below last year
Oxford OH near Cincy - 170-175 similar to last year ((which was poor
Greenville OH area - 205-225 so far, good as last year or slightly above

Albert Lea area, early bean, poorer ground, some replant, 75a all done
at 52 bpa.  Very pleased.

YIELD n.e. Iowa Readlyn. Beans off cart.. 73bu 12.8

Corn Princeton IL area 200+ corn consistently - as good as last year

Fremont, OH - First 60 acres of beans, right at 50, a little
disappointed, about 5-7 below last year.

Craig, IA  (NW) - 202 bpa dry, lighter soil.  Producer pleased.

Ottawa Lake, Michigan- Corn , Ran 60 acres yesterday.  16.5 right out of
the field with yield of 165, on par or slightly below last year

Williams County, OH - Very dry summer.  First 50 acres went 155-160 with
good TW 58# and only 17% moisture.  This is about 10 BPA below last
year, but this his only April planted corn and fears yields will drop
from here.

Lafayette, Indiana area:  90 ac beans 70.8  160 ac beans 68. Worst field
for this farmer so far is 56 with heavier SDS problem.
30 miles south of Lafayette...350 ac beans cut running in low to mid 60s
with 30 inch rows.

Lafayette corn:  120 ac went 232  worst field I have heard of in this
area so far is 155 with heavy water damage. Lighter, well drained soils
typically in the 200 bu area. Heavier soils showing some water damage
from June and are running 175 to 200.  Fields sprayed with fungicide
showing noticeable yield gains.
Unless the later beans fall off, this will be the best year ever for
beans in our area.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: 2010 Yield Results

Neighbor started beans and is happy with them running at 55 bpa.

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Re: 2010 Yield Results



It seems the soybean yields are trending better than corn, for most farmers. Is that how you read this harvest, so far?



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Re: 2010 Yield Results

Market eye  - did some beans over the weekend 80 acres went 54.3 weighed, should be according to our agronomist and history one of if not our poorest field. Talked to neighbors theirs are all seeming to run better ( as per the Norm ) beet farmers talked to have record production talk of working 10% of beet acres under.  talked to a couple of silage cutters to the south of me and they are in the 25-28 ton area with adjusted yields from 190-240, they say that they are not cutting their best crop ( seems they never do) we are a couple a weeks away on corn.

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Re: 2010 Yield Results

Weekend and late last week yields have been mixed. These yields have been offered up by Steve Johnson, Iowa State University Extension. From Ford County, Kansas to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Combines are rolling throughout the U.S.

WC Iowa --- 42 vs. 52 bean yield last year in Calhoun County, Iowa, 20% less than last year.   County in the heavy rainfall area and land has numerous prairie potholes   wet feet seems to have gotten it; not SDS

E. Iowa --- 60 beans and corn was 241 and 205 dry on two corn fields

C. Neb   --- field near our office did 160, last year 200.....40 bushel less.  Too much rain, worked too wet in the spring and some corn on corn issues.

NW IL --- Whiteside County - numerous tours crossing from IL to IA this summer on US 30 said that this county was the garden spot of IL for corn.  Producer reporting 180-190 yields on 180 acres (10% of grain harvested acres) vs. 205-215 last year. He has been hearing similar 25-30 lower corn yields in his area. He also switched to twin rows corn planting this year, which added to his disappointment on his early yield ideas.

Central IL -   Mt. Pulaski, IL...NW of Decatur     2 beans fields done sofar both above 70 bu. per acre. Hearing similar results from his neighbors and elevator.  Corn more variable...some good, 200+ and some not so...150...overall average close to 190 but this level 10-15 bpa  below last year.

SE Iowa --- North of Burlington along the Mississippi.  Extremely wet year -- 350 acre field was 99 bu. while another 300 acres only had 90-95 bu. yield.   Last year these fields averaged 190 plus yields.  However, river bottom land does have variability as we know..

Compiled by NARMS from clients and contacts

Outside source provided these reports.

Lots of variabilty, but mostly lower for corn

In  Richland and Lawrence Co IL. (SE IL)   80% done with corn yielding 140-190BPA. This  will be close to last 2 yr average but 20plus above historical yields. Some area farmers having best corn crop ever. On SB 20% done with early yields in the 50-60BPA range. This is 10-20 above last years and historical yields. on very common dirt.

Vermilion/Edgar counties IL
50% complete on beans with 1200 acres remaining
 66.9 bpa vs 59.8 aph and 62.3 bpa in 2009
 40% complete on corn harvest with 1400 acres remaining
 160 bpa vs 189.3 aph and 172 bpa last year (worst year in many...until this year)
Very dry at 13 - 14%
 (aph is based on 5 year averages)

Seneca County, Ohio
Have run about 250 acres of beans and averaging about 43.5 bushel per acre

  beans Lafayette in..........88.2 bpa bns 3.6's planted apr 20. Needless to say best ever.

i took 3 fields of corn in southern Newaygo County MI early last week. 23%-27% moisture(5-8  pts drier than normal), 20-30 bu better than average! beans are looking phenomenal, hopefully start them today or tomorrow.

Carroll County Missouri.               Corn yields down by at least 15-30% over average and last year.   Good ground that should avg. 200 + is making 170-180, any gumbo wetter ground making 60-100,  hill ground making 120-140.   to much rain, thin stands, drowned out spots in every field,  lost to much N,     wet and muddy now for harvest, everyone ready to be done with 2010.
 the beans look good though, but late, need frost to hold off and quit raining on them.

Our irrigated corn yields in Barton and Stafford Counties, Central Kansas are running in the 180 bu. avg. about 20-40 bu. per acre below where we should be.

Johnson,Morgan,Marion,Hendricks,Owen Counties in Indiana

Last year              170
This Year              155-160
Average               160

Last Year              60
This year              50
Average               50

First dry fields of dryland corn in Leoti, Kansas (extreme west central Kansas) area are not good. Most of the early dryland corn being harvested suffered heat and drought and will be eligible for mpci. My first 80 will average less than 2bu/a. Others going as high as 20bu/a. Better fields are yet to come and north of us just 15 miles dryland corn is excellent for a considerable distance. Irrigated corn looks to be doing well and headed as hi=moisture into feedyard pits. Dryland yields will be alittle ugly at first but I believe things will get better. Less than 10% harvested at this time. I am guessing those fields cut at the end of the month will be doing much better.

Corn yields in Central Kansas ranged from 40 to 170 bu./acre, according to annecdotal reports.  Personally, my yields ranged from 78 to 115,  this in Marion Co., KS.

I am a pioneer dealer.  On are farm we have had major disapointments on are corn yealds.  Are dryland actual yeald averaged from 115-138 this is 20-40 bushel less than what we where expecting.  Are irrigated is 145-160 actual yeald this is very dissapointing 40-50 bushel back of are averages.  We have not harvested any beans yet.  They do not look very promising on the dryland are irrigated look good.  The double crop hard to tell on.  We are in Geary Co. Kansas.

Gratiot Co. (Central Michigan) Have only run 80 acres of corn so far, 170 Bu avg. Had some light ground in this avg. Should end up 175-180, 15-20 Bu. Above avg.

Ford County, Kansas
Actual Yield 72 bu/ac vs 79 bu/ac for soybeans last year on irrigated soybeans
Actual Yield 77 bu/ac vs 84 bu/ac for soybeans last year on irrigated soybeans

The first field we were in is 225 bu vs 202 last year.  Chickasaw County, Iowa (northeast)  Headline helped

Corn averaging 179bu/ac non irrigated. Fulton county IN. Last year averaged 184 across the board. We expect to finish out the year between 185 and 190 though. Moisture is extremely low and the test weight has been 55lbs/bu and above. The harvest population is great but the ears lack quality. A field that averaged 186 could have easily broke 200/acre if the ears would have filled out. Thanks

 We have picked a little over half the corn crop and it yielded around 210-215 which is a little lower than last year but still obviously pretty good.  Moisture was at 16-18%.  That's 42 acres of harvested corn.  I have a small operation.  The corn was planted on April 15 so was pretty well along before dry weather hit.  The rest of my corn was planted May 8-9 and I'm waiting for it to dry down a little more. I farm in south central Indiana in Lawrence County.

Miami &Darke county, Ohio  Beans    57-62  5-10 Bu. better than last year(white mold last yr.) 0-5 bu. better than avg. Will start corn tomorrow. Hearing it is less than last yr. but avg to better. 160-190 bu. normal avg.

Finished with corn 97 versus 145 last year. Beans have 15-30. Massac county in Illinois.

yield results corn on corn acres averaging near 100 bpa. first year corn 170-200. Everyone in my area is experiencing similar results. This from IL, Morgan County  Last year same fields 190-240.Just started beans -- mid 60 bpa so far. Probably up a little from last year.

Hello from western KS. Gove county to be exact. Corn is finished 76.2 bu average 92.5 last year.

I farm in Putnam County, Ohio. We haven't done much harvesting yet but what we have done things are doing excellant. Our beans are averaging 66 vs 55 last year. But our late beans won't be very good. Our corn is averaging 200 vs 175 last year. Talking to other farmers it sounds like the early beans are good and all the corn is good.

The soybean seed was treated with CruizerMax insecticide at planting and the beans were sprayed with Headline fungicide during the reproductive phase.  I don not know how these two treatments effected yield. It appears that they may have really helped, but I will wait to hear on other yields in the area.   I do have a check strip without the Headline.  I will have to ask my supplier where that strip is.
I have not harvested any corn yet. I did hand harvested yield checks that show the corn is around 190 bushels per acre.  This was not using the kernel count method.  I actually harvested ears and shelled the corn off and weighed it.  This is 25 bushels per acre higher than my 10 year average yield and 15 bu./acre higher than my 2009 Corn yields.
I have a F.I.R.S.T.  plot this year with over 100 different Hybrids planted in a corn on corn field.  They are replicated 3 times each.  It will be interesting to see what that tells us about Hybrid influence on yield this year, given the strange weather.  Also it will let me know how the Corn on Corn rotation worked this year for yield versus the Corn on Soybean.
We are definitively losing yield on corn right now as it is too dry.  Some of my corn still has some green leaves and could have put more yield on, (on hybrids not black layered yet) but it never rains.
There are ¾ inch cracks in the ground everywhere in the corn fields, especially where Nitrogen coulter ran between rows and created a little slot in the ground. (this farm is in Oelwein, Iowa)

Eudora,AR chicot county 1250 out of 2100 53bu/ac

Seward County, Kansas.  Southwest portion of the state.  Irrigated circles that yielded 250-260+ bpa last year are seeing yields of only 200-230 this year.  Three year average would likely fall in the 240-250 bpa range.


Macon County, Il
Corn 155 vs 180 last year
Just starting beans but early beans 68 vs 55 last year

Sedgwick and Harvey County Kansas
Corn:  Irrigated this year 190-195
          Irrigated last year and average 200-205
          Dryland this year 107
          Dryland last year 120
          Dryland average 105
Soybeans:  Irrigated 65
                 Irrigated last year and average 65
                 Dryland this year 20
                 Dryland last year 45
                 Dryland average 25

Nelson Co., KY
After 2000 acres of harvest averaging 150 vs. 165 for 5 yr. avg.  Last year corn yield at 197 across 3500 acres.  Have not run any beans yet.

Leflore County, MS
1800 acres corn avg yield around 186 bu/ac vs no corn last year.
4400 acres Soybean avg yield 58 bu/ac compared to 40-45 avg last year that were heavily damaged from southeast rainfall.
Yields for corn I am hearing in this area (MS Delta) are hovering from 170-180 avg.
Soybeans avging around 50.

I have 25% of my corn harvested.Average about 110 bu .Henry county ,Iowa

Yield Results for Hall County Nebraska. We are probably 7% harvested.
Irrigated Corn Prime Farmland:  230-240
Marginal Ground Irrigated Corn : 185-200
Dryland Corn:  110-130

beans low to mid 60 10 to 15 bu. over 2009 in central ohio

230 ac soybeans harvested this week Olmtsed Co. in SE Minnesota averaged 60.5 bu/ac.
last year average was 51.0 bu/ac. Should have a record crop of soybeans in SE Mn. this year

We farm in Iroquois County, IL.  Very wet June, very dry July and August.  We are 1/3 finished with harvest, some neighbors are done with corn.
Corn yields, by farm.  ranges 122 to 182 bu/acre...20 to 40 less than average.  12 to 15% moisture.  Elevators filling up quickly.
Bean yields, average 49 to 53, just average.

Franklin County, IN - soybeans 63 bu/a, last year 62 bu/a, tread line 53 bu/a
corn just started - looking like 187 bu/a, last year averaged 203 bu/a, tread line is 183 bu/a

2500a dryland corn in Norhtern Oklahoma/Southern Kansas avg yield 100bu/a normal or last year 75bu.  2500a soybeans full season and D/C Harvest results are showing 10-20bu/a  last year 40-60bu.  Expect corn acres to hold or gain again on wheat.

We finished shelling corn tonight. My yield was 128 bushels for my whole crop and my dad  averaged 130 bushels for his entire crop.
Historically, we average 150 and in 2009 we both averaged exactly 200.
Larue County KY

We combined 88 acres of beans on my farm, 68 bu to acre, the best the farmer that farms it has ever raised.  I am in Stark County, Illinois. No corn has been harvested on my farm.

beans norther Franklin county,  in northern Iowa just east of Sheffield Iowa was corn last year, average around 48, this year 54 no fungicide and no tilled 15 inch rows,1.8 maturity at 9.9 moister Drilled at 100,000 seeds per acre 50,ooo seeds below average drilling rates. Corn... did yield checks with way wagons 212 to 208 one number was 196 and a 66 acre field half combined was averging184 on my yield monitor 97 day rr corn.34000 population.These farms to the north in cero Gordo county near Rockwell normally average around 150 to165. Record yields for me thats why I was 70% sold by the sep report.

only got into 2 fields of soybeans before the rain.  One went 46 bushels and the other 52.  Last year I averaged 49.  This is in Bay County, Michigan.  Moisture was 10.8 and 11.3 respectively.  Hopefully the rain will help the moisture.  Corn is beginning to go down and some neighbors are combining.  Yields are all over the board.  Moisture around 20.

Champaign and Piatt County, Illinois
441 acres average yield 189   range 181-194 versus last year average
224, 5 yr- 212
585 acres average yield 174   range 139-204 versus last year average
214, 5 yr- 212
261 acres average yield 172   range 139-191 versus last year average
208, 5 yr- 212
Corn on corn 139-182 this year, last 3 years it was some of the best corn.

From central to western Kansas and the yields for corn and beans on DRYLAND are down 30 - 40% from last year. Irrigated is doing ~10% lower.

Northwest Missouri.
200 acres Pioneer 35F40 early yld 144 at 16 percent.  Thought it would be 160 last year ylds 170 to 185 field averages.
Longer season corn 100 acres Pioneer T57 avg 155 at 18.6 percent.  Thought it would be 175.  Last year avg on farm 175.  Corn after beans.

Grandma has 80 acres in Champaign, Il.  Just north of interstate.  Prime.  225 avg corn on corn.  Just harvested 151 bpa at 12.5 percent.  WOW

We combined 88 acres of beans on my farm, 68 bu to acre, the best the farmer that farms it has ever raised.  I am in Stark County, Illinois.  R&K territory. No corn has been harvested on my farm.

Sangamon County Illinois   Corn on Beans  190 Bu 2010   240 Bu 2009
Macoupin County  Illinois   Corn on Beans  140 Bu  2010   200 Bu  2009

Corn 140-150 some 25 bushel less than last year. I am located 70 east of kc, mo. On Missouri river bottoms

from Saline county MONTH. My average corn yield this year so far is 160 compared to 190 last year. It is the same song with everybody else around here. Yields 20 to 30 bushels less this year than last. I have even heard some 115 to 120 near by.

I'm part of family farm and also a ag loan officer in NE Kansas (Brown County).  Granted we're not the grain capital of the world.  I'm yet to visit with a producer that was pleasantly surprised by yield once the combine is done.  Most yields in the in 2009 were 150-180 last year, this year most initial reports are running from a low of 80 to a high of 140.  Most likely the area average will run 120-125, with the next problem being poor test weights running 53-56 instead of 56-62 last year.  We have a large amount of corn that was green snapped or laying on the groud with muliple rounds of wind over the summer.  Beans are still 10-14 days off.  Thanks,
Our corn yields here in rooks county kansas are from 0 to 100. From everyone I talk to it sounds like 40 bu average is very close on corn. Very little soybeans have been harvested but look like they will average 30 bu. The last 3 years the corn has averaged about 110 bu. The soybeans have averaged about 45.

Western Ky 193 scaled last year 120 scaled this year. 64 on full season beans last year. Have cut 2000 acres so far with a 31 bpa. Double Crop will hopefully average 10 bpa. Warmest summer on record. 65 days above 90 from June 1-Aug 31 average normally 15. Between June 1 and Aug 31 4.9 deg above average high and 5.0 deg above average low. With 1.4” of water from July 1 until Aug 31st.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania
140 bu corn last 2 years 180-200+ bu
no beans harvested yet

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Re: 2010 Yield Results

South of Des Moines, Iowa:


A farmer-contact of mine says where the harvest is good, it's really good. But, where it's bad, it's really bad. For instance, one of his neighbors that expected 220 bu./acre harvested corn at just 150 bu./acre. He says the reports he's hearing are not that good, so far.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: 2010 Yield Results

Coffee shop reports on corn east of Iowa City was over 200 average, 235 in spots, farmer was very happy.  Keota area normally does 280 was about normal.  SE Iowa usually in the 150's is doing 80.

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Re: 2010 Yield Results

SW WI: Corn yields are 10-15 bu. less on early day hybrids vs. last year, longer day hybrids are yielding better with moisture 19%-26%. Hardly any soybeans have been harvested yet.


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cliff seia

Re: 2010 Yield Results

From the yield reports I've heard so far most of the corn around here is in the 60-100 bpa range and anything over 100 bpa is few and far between.  Only a few beans have been cut but there is talk that on some farms the beans will likely outyield the corn.

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Re: 2010 Yield Results

Cliff where are you farming?

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