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76 and Blacksand

Hate to here you won't be able to attend - Enjoyed meeting you both last year but also understand that - there is always something to do on the farm : )


Sandy - Cool idea of thinking out side of the box ! Good luck !


76 = You'll enjoy that New shop - up nort with your --- cooler temps than us - lol


Have a SAFE harvest !



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Esteemed Advisor

Re: 76 and Blacksand

You stay safe as well Ken. You more than likely won't get picked on as much this year lol! So far we have cut and windrowed at least 1,000 pumpkins (I haven't been this sore and tired in a long time) and we aren't done yet. We are hoping to put a dent into getting some of them hauled this week. One thing is for certain, you will probably get some corn thrown at you before this year is over 🙂


Take care Ken,


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