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Ag chem-seed company mergers


Any thoughts on the latest round of merger talk in ag chem/seed companies? Bayer made an offer last week for Monsanto, which Monsanto rebuffed, but it apparently is not dead.





Gil Gullickson
Crops Technology Editor, Successful Farming



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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Ag chem-seed company mergers

I view mergers at the tip of the food chain and down the food chain similarly - I worry that they decrease competition and reduce the incentive for innovation and research.

I like companies who are hungry for my business.  

Few of us remember the days when the railroads dominated agriculture.  You shipped cattle at their whim, at their price.  Was it any wonder that so many farmers turned to stock trailers in the 50's and beyond when that became practicable?  

I only know what I see and sense as a small farmer, but it does not seem to be in my interest for Bayer and Monsanto to merge.

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