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AgPoll: Harvest surprise?

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Re: AgPoll: Harvest surprise?

Have an 80 that is my little private hunting reserve, 40 tillable, 40 forest, that was pleasantly suprising. I never expected to make much on it, CSR 42 in east central Iowa, this year the corn was 151 BPA. no till bean/corn rotation with a cover crop last fall. Previous renter mined it when the owner said he was going to sell and the tenant didn't want to buy, so we have been dealing with that issue too. Only have had this for 5 years, neighbor who has been living/farming next door for 50+ years says the last 2 years this is the best crops he has ever seen come off of it. Maybe there is something to this no till stuff? The real key is to get it out before the forest rats harvest too much!!

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