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An observation and mold concern

I was in a corn field today and found an ear of corn very light weight and moldy-it would disintegrate into powder when it would hit the combine cylinder.  Found another that was very robust but had  white mold (I think it was mold) several inches up the butt end of the ear and the shuck was still wet. It had rained .15" in the night and this was late afternoon.  This area has had nearly 14 inches of rain  in July and August with rain recorded on 22 different day.  Lots of leaf wetness and not a lot of windy days.  Anyone else observe this?  I'm not too concerned about a little yield loss but Iam about the Coop rejecting a load of moldy corn.  Maybe 40 days away from harvest.

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Re: An observation and mold concern

Good morning Wind --  It's sounds like you may have some Diplodia starting in your corn - Great job in scouting!!!


Here's a link you need to read on the subject -  I think you will find it usefull -


I had some starting back a few years ago - I started shelling it out at 28 - And that was the saveing grace and got it as cool as I could very quick - Never got docked on one load - Top on the line management is now needed till it gets in the bin .


I will start anew tread with more disease's we will need to scout for



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