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Any decently priced yet capable soil moisture sensor recommendations?

Farming peanuts, cotton & some other stuff out in West TX and looking to implement new sensors mainly wanting to measure moisture but additional readings like humidity, temp, etc would be nice too. I'd like some decently priced recommendations but also I'm willing to spend so that I don't end up with something cheap either.

So essentially: yall got any recommendations? If you do including the price would be great! (Including any other fees like per acre cost or subscription fees would be appreciated too)

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Re: Any decently priced yet capable soil moisture sensor recommendations?

Hi. I'm not sure if the price is right, but EarthScout uses TDR soil sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature, and EC. They are very high quality, reliable sensors!

The EarthScout unit itself can have up to 5 sensors attached (over 15 sensors to choose from) and the data is sent cellularly to your mobile or web app. They all come with a health sensor that measures air temperature and humidity and data is sent every 45 mins. Prices can be found on  under the products tab. There are base configurations there with pricing but you can also mix and match sensors however you wish.

Typically the number of EarthScout units you would use would depend on how many zones you have. $265/year subscription fee if you purchase outright, and no subscription fee if you chose from lease options. 


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