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Army Worms

Well Gil -You have asked just about any thing and everything that may cause a problem on the farm this spring - well - just about everything : )))


Got this off the Chat ' N ' Chew - Near the bottom half there is a report on Army Worms - Crossing the road ?? Yep they sure can - Here in Indiana early moth counts have been pretty high !  = Thanks to  That dang cover crops and wheat !

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Re: Army Worms

Ha! Interesting. I've heard reports of army worms popping up in cover crop residue before. That statement in that link about army worms crossing the road in droves is true. I can remember a bad outbreak when i was a about 8 years old (1969, I think) in NE South Dakota where I grew up. There literally would be 10 foot strips on the oil roads where they would cross. They would have been feeding on wheat at that time. I can't remember what the farmers used for control back then, but it was a pretty big deal.



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