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Atrazine Under Fire

The EPA is looking sharply at atrazine and some fear it could be banned or restricted such that it is useless.  "Bad science" say many ag sector proponents.  "Harmful to animals" allege environmental activists.


What would be your response to restrictions on atrazine?  It is a key ingredient in many tank mixes.  Go back to cultivation?  Use some other, probably more expensive, herbicide?  Change crops?


Changing crops is not viable for me.  Going back to cultivation is probably not, either.  So, I guess I'd use a more expensive herbicide, which would make my corn less competitive with Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine and others in the export market.





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Re: Atrazine Under Fire

The way I figure it, Atrazine is cheap and effective and probably alot safer than all this "playing God" with biotech seeds.   But since the chemical companies have made their big wad on Atrazine decades ago, now they want to push us into some new higher priced crap, that will be found to be more dangerous than Atrazine in years to come.  It`s all about money.  And going back to cultivating, the no-till nazis would have a conniption at the mention of a everyone is supposed to spend a ton of money.


This EPA, I tell ya what, a whole alot of do-gooders got high up jobs there, elections have consequences..just take note before you head to the ballot box, study your lesson.

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