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papa Ru

Avipel (corn seed treatment)

Anyone used Avipel? It is a seed treat to repel Sandhill Cranes and Pheasants. I would like to know if the granular or the liquid is the best. I have a vacuum corn drill and I'm afraid the granular will be blown out and not coat the seed as it should but the liquid would be cumbersome to put on the seed. Which is the best?

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Avipel (corn seed treatment)

I haven't used it but see there is a fair amount of discussion on it if you Google the word.  Hopefully, someone has posted their experience online.  Good luck.

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Re: Avipel (corn seed treatment)

I used the granular form of Avipel with great success. I used my I.H. 800 cyclo corn planter, and was concerned, as you are,  that the granules would blow off with the air pressure. When I emptied the seed hopper at day's end, the remaining seed was coated well. I did mix the seed corn and Avipel  together  before adding to the hopper.

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