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Aztec or comparible Insecticide

I'm looking for options on dry insecticide to try this year on 1/2 the planter. Going to raise some SmartStack, some VT3, some VT2, and some RR only this year and want to teat the insecticide on each of the trait packages.
The goal is to plant mostly about 1/2 non gmo corn in 15 on some acres. Looking to get a system going this year and have it ready for 15.
So far I like Aztec. Considered generic capture in furrow but nervous of messing with it logistically and physically. Never had a liquid system either, so I'm thinking dry granular would be easiest at this point. May add liquid later to beef up protection. Was quoted $3 an acre for generic capture. And roughly $18 for Aztec.
What's some of yours best price quote on Aztec?
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