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Battle Over GMO in Hawaii

With three growing seasons, Hawaii has a lot of the GMO research for major seed corn companies.  Locals are split but some are working to pass lawns forcing seed companies to reveal more information on practices.


One side says there's more cancer, the other side says there is no evidence.  Locals want more information divulged, while seed companies say that they are obeying the law and giving out information would harm their competitive advantage.


This is an interesting article with the major points of both sides presented.


With the Chesapeake Bay intitivate and efforst to impose the same limits in the Mississippi basin, the move for more control seems to be a wide spread movement.  Can you operate if you are reuired to tell you pesticide practices?  Would it help your neighbor figure out how much to offer to rent a farm out from under you?

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Re: Battle Over GMO in Hawaii

Good post Jim -  But this post has me asking -(  Ken ) - That would be me - alot of questions here - As A holder of Cat . 1 and 14 Pesticides Applicator License's in Indiana - I will first start out with what is required of me in this state . I have to keep records on all chemicals I spray - I have to record what chemical i sprayed - rate and total amount - time of day - time of start and finish  -eqipment used - carrier - weather - ( wind speed and direction ) temp . - This is due on command from any state chemist offical .


On restricted use - same thing along with Name of Manufacturer and EPA Registration number we also add the REI on the sheet - then when done with the field - I have to leave a copy of this sheet at point of entry to the field - so that the farmer or workers can see this -  This is public knowledge here .


Now back on subject here - this is the eye catcher for me - and i quote :

but we still maintain that the county really lacks the resources and the expertise for enforcement and administration of pesticide laws,” Alicia Maluafiti, Executive Director of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association,

IT -- to me sounds like its do what you what to there - there is nobody there to inforce any laws - but hey - they don't have any to start with - the way it sounds .


All chemicals - on the label has the total amount that can be sprayedin any given year - yet they plant  3 crops a year ?  What about the 22 different RS chemicals they use ? I think that in this case the writer may have lumped all chemicals into pesticides - like the use of insecticides ?


I sprayed a production field of seed corn about 5 yer ago for a neighbor - it was Pioneer - they had 2 reps from th company to supervise the mixing of the chemicals - The farmer mixed them - and all i had to do was apply . Here in most production fields there is a mail box - that is to put the spray sheets in - so that the farmer or workers - know what was applied and when .


The lack of a State run Chemist office would look to me a place for Hawaii to start - just not the shotgun approach with just signing a bill .



It is interesting - that the seed companies are fighting this -to me the reason is that they do plant 3 times a year - over use of chemicals on a total use per year .




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