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BioTelo or Eco-One biodegradable mulch?

Has anyone used BioTelo or Eco-One biodegradable mulch? I would like to know others expereinces with the products. Do they degrade too fast or not fast enough?

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Re: BioTelo or Eco-One biodegradable mulch?

Anything else but not Eco-One please, it's a PE based materials with metal additives using less UV stabilizer that is the reason why it should be less expensive than normal PE with UV; it's a shame for the environnement.


I suggest strongly using Bio360 made in North America using the premium mater-bi bio-based material from Novamont an up level from the original Biotelo. It's more uniform, lays better, make the biodegradation more uniform too and offer a full service with all the sizes and thickness in consideration of your types of soils and crops. For more information you can call 1-800-667-6279.



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