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Black Cut Worm Trap

Good morning -- From East Central Indiana !  This will be my third year working with John Obermeyer at Purdue with a bug trap - I have to say this is a lot of fun to do - I have the trap over at dads place = home base for the shop and equipment , grain and general B.S. area - lol

Indiana has a very good extension service and research - Purdue being the anchor . Thought I would post up some pics - since its about to rain --- again .


BTW - Any of you other Hoosiers   farmers - get on board and have some fun and gain some knowledge in entomology



This is the trap - As you can see - they are some BCW moths in the trap - You have to put these traps away from any type light - as in the night - it will act like a magnet and you will not get good numbers .







This pic was taken yesterday - Had 9 in there - Check out the one on the far right - notice the black

( Dagger ) type marks  near the bottom of there wings - that is a east way to know what your looking at .










The red strip in the bottom of the trap is  insecticide treated - 


Well that's about it .



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Re: Black Cut Worm Trap

Thanks for sharing Ken, you reminded me that I need to keep insecticide in the budget for this non GMO corn Im raising. 

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