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Re: Bought new land with corn stalks on what.

Yep, thats what i had planned on doing.

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pan ag

Re: Bought new land with corn stalks on what.

The old saying goes, "The worst tillage pass in the fall is superior to the best tillage pass in the spring".  If you're going to do something a bit extreme, do it now.  I had a similar situation this fall.  I disked twice at opposing 30 degree keeters (240 and 300 degrees on the autosteer), deep ripped the ground east and west with a inline ripper with coulters, then an east /west pass with a finisher (you heard me right - finisher)  with moderate pressure on the disk.  Sounds crazy, looks great.  A  week  later we put down NH3.  The P and K were already applied prior to starting all this tillage.  This smoothed out a very rough field and it will be just one pass with the finisher and plant corn in the spring.  I'm sure the no-tillers will have a cow, but with the flood years we've had here in ECIA a lot of the fields got pretty screwed up.  I'm seeing some pretty committed min/no-til guys doing some pretty aggressive tillage.

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