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Competition To "Get It Done"?

Often, I hear farmers talk about timing of farming operations as it involves when they or the neighbor or someone down the road get started or get done in relation to someone else.  

"I see Tom started beans, and I don't even have the head on."

"LaVerle started planing so wew should start in a about 3 days"

"It's a sad day when Joe gets done with corn before I do"


Some of this is said in jest but underneath is it always really a joke?  I wonder if competition to do some operation affects our base judgment on when we should actually do it?


Me?  I don't care.  I'm always last.  🙂

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Re: Competition To "Get It Done"?

We needed to replace the poly on our bean head and intentionally left that job until about a week before the beans were ready.  Everything else was ready to go and I knew if the head was ready i would try to start combining before I should.  As it worked out alot of combines were rolling before we started Sunday but the first 2 loads we did checked 12.5 and 12.3 for moisture.

Doesn't bother me not to be first but I know several that it does.

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Re: Competition To "Get It Done"?

Timing is everything.............


Planting for sure,  there is always a three day span that was the optimum time.... Problem is you don't know what it was until fall..


Spraying.... always....   Be there when the weeds are small and gullable.. Man how many times have I herd herbicides complained about when they don't get a good kill on a plant going to seed....  
 ... Fertilize before the plant is waiting on it.  Timing is important


But harvest....... We had two neighbors you could set your clock by, one for wheat and the other for fall crops.... Try to get to the field 7-10 days after they did...


But Isc76cat,  I never tried that....  Smiley Wink.. my luck ,,,, I'd have to wait a month for parts....... But I do have a tendency to take a day off to get my mind off of it in the fall....

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