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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Corn In The Field

Flying along I-80 between Newton (central Iowa) and Iowa City (eastern Iowa) I saw a few corn field still standing and even one bean field.  Huh!

A local BTO just finished his beans and has thousands of acres of corn to go.  It's down, it's muddy, it's a problem.  


Is everyone done around  you?


I haven't been seeing as much field work as I expected, but there is some.NH3 being put on and some field cultivators working.  Some of the ground might be too wet to work.  We've gotten some good rains in the last couple of weeks.

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Re: Corn In The Field

There are a few small patches of corn and at least 1 patch of beans in our area

of SCMN that are in low ground too soft to get into.  With all the rain we've had in the

last few weeks ponds are starting to appear.  Ground will be pretty full of moisture

for freeze-up and the tile will be running for quite some time.


There is one BTO in our immediate area with corn left to get and no tillage done.

They'll need some luck with the weather but they seem to get done sooner or later every year.


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