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Corn Pollinations Stress Spread Out?

What do you think?  Did the corn go in on such a wide planting window that the time for stress at pollination will be spread out?


That would seem to put a damper on the market risk of corn being damaged.  


Will that give us a wider window to consider fungicide application?  That wouldn't hurt.  My corn is a little later than most so maybe I'll get a feeling for any issues while I still have time to consider actions.

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Re: Corn Pollinations Stress Spread Out?

I think so. I've often thought about waiting till late may to plant a few acres. In 2012 my cousin, who is just slow, had by far the best corn in this area. I think he planted the first couple weeks of June. That was just a moisture issue. But there is something to be said for "spreading your risk".
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Re: Corn Pollinations Stress Spread Out?

Jim, most of the corn in my area went in at about the same time this year. The way it's looking now, the problems with this crop may be from excess moisture early in the growing season. I personally don't like wasting a planting window just to spread out crop maturity. What I did on my farm this year was plant a 98 day hybrid (early maturity for here) first. Then I planted the acres I had left to a 107 day hybrid which is a pretty typical maturity range for this area. This is the first year I have tried splitting maturity up like this. So far I like what I see; the 98 day hybrid looks like it's in a race to the finish line while the 107 day hybrid seems slow and steady. If I can get a 2 week difference in pollination it would be ideal. I chose earlier in maturity rather than later because I dont like harvesting in the cold of November.

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