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Cream of the Crops

Every year we've always got garden spots and also areas that struggle with crop production, and we all know those areas usually change on a yearly basis.  Not that it makes for anything except discussion and curiosity purposes, but were are these locations this year?  I'm not trying to butter my own bread here, and I haven't traveled the miles that many of you have, but I would have to say Central Kansas would almost be a shoe in for the country's best grain sorghum production.  For whatever reason, our growing conditions just played into the hands of this crop.  If there is another area that can better or even match the production of this location, that would have to be record yields without a doubt.  I'm almost certain we are on a path to a record yield for this location if we can finish the crop.  Where are the garden spots for the other crops, and I'm not just talking corn & beans, there are many growing crops yet to be harvested this fall.

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Re: Cream of the Crops

I was going to start a post for this. But it works into what your talking about. As much of the corn dries down around here (central and southern Ohio) It doesn't look as good I thought. The stand just isn't there. Many of the fields near my house looked better last year. some fields a few miles from here and even on my farm were total losses last year so they have to be much much better this year. I'm not sure if these poor stand fields are consistently bad throughout. Just know when I can see the fourth, or further, row from the road something is wrong. To answer your question what I thought would be a near record year in this area may not. I haven't traveled much this summer to compairing other areas.
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