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Crop Insurance Production Cost Insurance

I was at a meeting and listened to a guy from Diversified Crop about Production Cost Insurance.  Sounds like more record keeping, but it sounds really good.  It is focused on profitability.  The guy said the guarantee is based on 100% of what I spend on seed, fertilizer and chemical plus another set amount. 

I have been doing some math this past week and I am nervous enough about just covering my costs... Anyone use it or heard of it?

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Re: Crop Insurance Production Cost Insurance

No, I've not heard of it.

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Re: Crop Insurance Production Cost Insurance

It sounds real good.  I can get a guaranteed income (unfortunately not profit-ha).  The way they do it is guarantee me so much per acre plus 100% of whatever I want to spend on my seed, fertil,izer and chemical.

I like it because it allows me to do exactly what my agronomist suggests, rather than trying to skimp corners and save a little on fertilizer.  Because every dollar I spend actually increases my coverage but my premium stays set.


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