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Crops Are Changing

Here is a snapshot of the corn and soybeans in southcentral Iowa, just south of Des Moines. These photos were taken Wednesday morning, September 18, 2019. I haven't seen anybody picking corn or cutting any beans, yet, around here. Maybe some silage, but not anything else. What yields are you hearing about? Thanks. Marketeye


Southcentral Iowa corn 9-18-19Southcentral Iowa corn 9-18-19SC IA soybeans 9-18-19SC IA soybeans 9-18-19SC IA soybeans 9-18-19SC IA soybeans 9-18-19


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Re: Crops Are Changing

The only harvest I`ve seen is silage.  "early" planted corn about week away from blacklayer.  Soybeans, no leaves to green as grass, but most are yellow, those with no leaves probably Oct 1.   

Actually with the forecast maybe the green beans will turn out best with no frost and 80 degree days.

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Re: Crops Are Changing

Drove the Great River Road from Dubuque to La Crosse on Sunday.

Expected to see some silage being chopped for those dairy cows.

Saw only 1 field that had been chopped.  Corn looked pretty green yet.

Quite a mess in the valley from the deluge last Thursday.

Lots of debris in the ditches and mud/rocks washed down from the bluffs.

Brewery in Potosi was niceSmiley Very Happy

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