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Deep planting of wheat

I have read information about planting winter wheat 2 1/2-3 inches deep with a JD air seeder-pro and cons and related experiences?


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Re: Deep planting of wheat

I'm not 100% sure that this would be a good idea.  Usually small grains don't like to be planted that deep(it almost double what i like to see).  Not unless there is some environmental thing that you are trying to avoid, or unless it's abnormally dry.  My gut tells me that this would delay emergence among other things.  Just my opinion.

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Re: Deep planting of wheat

Although we have not planted wheat for several years, I remember about a half inch to three quarters was the best depth.

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Re: Deep planting of wheat

I think this DEPENDS on your location and farming conditions....


In Central Washington, they DEEP SEED Wheat at 5-6 inches, in dryland summer fallow ground.  In our area in Eastern Washington, we plant at about 1 and a half inches...


Everywhere is different...





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Re: Deep planting of wheat

We will drill 2 to 3 inches if thats what it takes to hit moisture.

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