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Do farmers still "really like to plant corn"

There is an old saying that "farmers like to plant corn" yeah maybe we do but does anyone just keep planting corn if the conditions are good?   Or is the decesion for what you plant comes from rotation, income possiblilities, what your labor force looks like, your going to haul more bushels for corn then you do for soybeans.   I live in SE NE, we have always been heavy on the corn only twice can I remember that we have had more bean then corn acres, both of been in the last 10 years.   We plant more corn because of the value to our cow herd in the winter time. 


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Re: Do farmers still "really like to plant corn"

Definitely depends on what part of the country you farm in. Where I farm on the MI, IN line some plant more soybeans than corn. With August our wettest month on average that seems to support soybeans more than corn. Storms moving west to east over the cool water of lake Michigan in July seem to fall apart making corn more of a gamble. My grandfather usually planted 60% soybeans 30% corn and 10% wheat. Now days a lot of us are in a 60% soybean and 40% corn rotation if they can help it as wheat just isn't as profitable here.

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