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Dryland Corn

Seems like 2014 should have been the year I gambled on Central Kansas dryland corn.  8.25" of late May and June moisture received thus far and another system is moving in from the west.


Looks like Hobby might take the cream off the top for the west Hobby acres and give us the remainder. Were you able to get all the beans buried yet Hobby?

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Re: Dryland Corn

I planted my usual small field of dryland corn, just ahead of a predicted rain.   It rained just enough to get it to sprout in spots, and then about a week later, we got another rain that got most of the rest of it to sprout, and finally, about a week after that, the good general rains started coming, and the rest of it started growing.   I have a cornfield, all planted in one day (actually within about an hour and a half) that has spots where corn is 4 inches tall, and spots where it is waist high.

I'm REALLY curious, as to what it will wind up doing at harvest.   On one hand, I wonder if it willl all be ready for harvest at the same time, but on the other hand, I have a heck of a wide window for pollenation!

We had soil conditions this spring as dry as Dad ever remembers seeing, but the recent rains have really helped out.   We are in that 'abnormally dry' dot, in West central NE on the drought monitor map, for refence.

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