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E15 Pumps Are On The Rise

Here's some good news to start off your week.


So, I get news releases across my desk, everyday. Here's one that I thought that you might find interesting to read.

Growth Energy press relase Monday states:

"Today, Growth Energy and Casey’s General Stores announced that Casey’s will expand its E15 offering to more than 60 new sites this summer across their footprint following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval of E15 year-round. E15, known the consumers as Unleaded 88, is a fuel with 15 percent ethanol and is approved for all cars 2001 and newer. In their statements, Casey’s and Growth Energy attributed this rapid expansion to the lifting of an outdated regulation that now allows American drivers to access the cleaner, more affordable biofuel all year-round.

“The summertime E15 restrictions have been a major concern for us for a long time and would typically slow down our E15 expansion,” said Casey’s Director of Fuels Nathaniel Doddridge. “Now that we know we can provide our guests with a consistent experience at the fuel pump year-round, we are expanding E15 at a faster pace to stay ahead of our competition.”

“Growth Energy has relentlessly led the fight on year-round E15 to grow the ethanol marketplace and give all drivers access to a cleaner, engine smart fuel,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We are thrilled that Casey’s will be rolling out E15 at dozens of new sites this summer, and know from conversations with retailers all over the country that they will soon be joined by others who’ve been waiting for this day.”

E15 is currently sold at 1,807 stations in 31 states."


What say you? Do you have an E15 pump near you?





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Re: E15 Pumps Are On The Rise

New Casey's opened several months ago here in Mankato on North Victory Drive.

They offer "regular" E10, E15, E85 and premium.

E15 is priced a nickel under E10 and E85 is pegged at $0.40 under E10.

Holiday and Kwik Trip both offer E85 at their stations in town but Holiday pegs it $0.30 under E10.

Kwik Trip is higher on E85 and I haven't seen E15 at either Holiday or Kwik Trip yet.

The Holiday on North Riverfront just put in new pumps so will have to check on them.

My price per mile is cheaper on E85 at $0.30 under E10 so Casey's is my choice.

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